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Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse Resources

The National Link Coalition
The link between violence against humans and violence against animals is widely known and understood. We believe that through the recognition and integration of this understanding into policies and practices nationwide, humans and animals will be measurably safer. They publish a monthly newsletter with information about link research, legislation, cases and advances across the county.

Animal Rescue League of Boston
Founded in 1899, the Animal Rescue League of Boston is dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment and neglect.

Jane Doe
Jane Doe Inc., The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence brings together organizations and people committed to ending domestic violence and sexual assault. We create social change by addressing the root causes of this violence, and promote justice, safety and healing for survivors. JDI advocates for responsive public policy, promotes collaboration, raises public awareness, and supports our member organizations to provide comprehensive prevention and intervention services. We are guided by the voices of survivors.

South Shore Women's Resource Center
This community-based domestic violence program assists victims of violence and their families. Services are free and confidential with a focus on creating a welcoming environment where victims can feel safe to make empowering choices in their lives. 

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project
This grassroots, non-profit organization supports victims and survivors through education, advocacy and direct services.

Human/Animal Violence Education Network (HAVEN)
Haven is comprised of a coalition of Berkshire County citizens and professionals who come together to identify the connections between animal cruelty and human violence. As professionals in the fields of education, animal protection, human services, law enforcement, and veterinary medicine this group works to find ways to make Berkshire County a safer, healthier, and more humane place for people and animals

Safelink Hotline
As the first source of support and hope for many victims, SafeLink offers:
• A 24-hour live response in English, Spanish, and TTY
• Translation in 140 languages;
• Crisis intervention, safety planning, support, information and referrals;
• Access to emergency shelter statewide;
• A link to the services of Casa Myrna Vazquez.

MSPCA Law Enforcement
To Report Suspected Animal Cruelty Please Call: (617) 522-6008 or (800) 628-5808
The MSPCA Law Enforcement Department encourages individuals to contact us to request an investigation of animal abuse. In fact, without the assistance of the public, our mission to prevent cruelty to animals, help those animals in need, and prosecute offenders would be nearly impossible.

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