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S. 1159, H. 2419: An Act to protect animal welfare and safety

Sponsors: Senators Montigny and Tarr; Representative Kafka
Status: in the Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government


This Massachusetts bill builds upon changes to the state’s animal cruelty laws made with passage of the PAWS (Protect Animal Welfare and Safety) Act in 2014.

The PAWS Act gained momentum after law enforcement responded to a suspected cruelty matter where a puppy — who became known as “Puppy Doe” — was systematically and severely tortured over several months. The details of this case galvanized people who care about animals to ensure that perpetrators like Puppy Doe’s alleged abuser (and others who engage in such cruel acts) are penalized in a manner sufficient for the crime. It also prompted the public to seek to ensure the Commonwealth’s laws are sufficient to prevent animal cruelty and neglect.

You can help this bill pass by contacting your Massachusetts state legislators. Unsure who they are? visit 

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