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The Abuse of Animals and Domestic Violence: A National Survey of Shelters for Women Who Are Battered
By Frank R. Ascione, Ph.D, Claudia V. Weber, M.S., and David S. Wood, Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Originally published in Society and Animals, 1997, 5(3)


Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse: Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention (Paperback). By Frank R Ascione (Author), Phil Arkow (Author). Available on Amazon.com


Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence: Readings in Research and Application (Paperback) 
By Frank Ascione (Author), Randall Lockwood (Editor). Available on Amazon.com


Children And Animals: Exploring The Roots Of Kindness And Cruelty (Hardcover) 
By Frank R. Ascione (Author). Available on Amazon.com


Just a Dog: Understanding Animal Cruelty and Ourselves (Animals, Culture, and Society) (Paperback) 
By Arnold Arluke (Author). Available on Amazon.com


Silent Victims: Recognizing and Stopping Abuse of the Family Pet (Paperback) 
By Tom Flanagan (Author), Pamela Carlisle-Frank (Author). Available on Amazon.com and at www.firepaw.org

Articles in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

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